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Park Hill Baptist Church is, strictly speaking, an independent congregation. That is to say that the members of Park Hill Baptist Church are free to organize the church as they see fit, guided by the light of scripture. Nevertheless, while maintaining our autonomy, Park Hill Baptist Church has chosen to associate with a number of organizations so as to extend our reach in the world.

At the local level, we are a part of the Clay-Platte Baptist Association, an organization dedicated to planting new churches in our area and strengthening existing congregations. At the state level, we have partnered with the Missouri Baptist Convention and through that partnership we support evangelistic efforts throughout Missouri. At the national level, Park Hill Baptist Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, America’s largest protestant denomination. By virtue of our membership with the SBC, Park Hill Baptist Church sponsors thousands of missionaries operating in both the United States and abroad through the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board respectively, supports graduate education in theology and ministry at six distinct theological seminaries (including Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary here in Kansas City, MO), and underwrites the work of such notable organizations as Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and the Ethics and Religious Liberty┬áCommission.

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